Sustainable valuation of the impact of water management measures on the development of neighbourhoods

Water management measures, like the reconstruction of urban water locations, have great impacts on the development of cities and neighbourhoods. For example by creating new areas for recreation the qualities of living, working and life are changing in the adjoining neighbourhoods. To identify and assess the different potentials of the development of a neighbourhood an economic analysis of the utilization is necessary.

The approach of my investigation is based on the following research questions:

  • What are the economic, ecologic and social aspects which have to be consideredas a part of anassessment of the impactof water management measures in general?
  • Which criteria are decisive for the improvement of the residential neighbourhood, quality of location and housing?
  • In case of which monetary and non-monetary factors property prices can be increased and in which dimension?
  • If urban water locations are reconstructed, is it recommendable to imply attendant measures to improve the quality of location in nearby neighbourhoods?
  • Is it possible by revaluating neighbourhoods to eliminate difficult areas and therefore to save costs?

The methodical approach includes the definition of a catalogue of criteria by which the methods for valuating are selectable. The result is a mixture of methods to evaluate the development of neighbourhoods. In cooperation with the project team pilot areas will be selected and later on valuated.     
Finally the result of the sustainable valuation of the impact of water management measures on the development of neighbourhoods should allow an approach for transferability to other areas, should give recommendations for acting and communicating and should present a concept for an integrated urban development.


  • PhD student: Dr. Stefanie Jeschka
  • Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Sigrid Schaefer (IUBH, Real Estate Management)
  • Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Martin Denecke (UDE, Engineering)
  • Mentor: Dipl.-Kaufm. Franz-Bernd Große-Wilde (Spar- und Bauverein e.G. Dortmund)